Accreditation of training courses for IQBBA® Certified Business Analyst is essential and must be conducted by an accreditation body authorized by A4Q.

The A4Q exercises substantial control over the training materials and monitors the training providers to ensure the highest quality service for customers. Accreditation offers numerous advantages to both training providers and students. To learn more about the accreditation process, please click here

There is also official accredited IQBBA training material from A4Q available. Please contact A4Q to get more information:
You can also get in contact with our official exam providers through the following email addresses: – GASQ – ISQI

Become a Training Provider


To ensure the highest quality of training for A4Q IQBBA® Certified Foundation Level Business Analyst, all training courses must be accredited by an authorized accreditation body recognized by A4Q. This accreditation process involves rigorous examination of the training materials and continuous monitoring of the training provider.

The primary objective is to deliver exceptional quality and value to students and training providers alike. Accreditation offers significant benefits to both training providers and students.

The accreditation obtained is initially valid for a period of 3 years, and it can be renewed for an continuously renewed after each additional 3-year term has lapsed following the initial accreditation period.

Option 1:

if you have an existing Business Analysis course with its own training material that you would like to have accredited by the IQBBA®, our expert panel will then review your existing material and revert to you with recommendations and changes if necessary. Once this process is completed, and your training material aligns with IQBBA® standards, the accreditation will be granted.

Option 2:

If you wish to gain IQBBA® accreditation without having to adjust, develop or redevelop your training material, you can request pre-approved training material from A4Q that is automatically IQBBA® accredited. This option is much less complicated and comes with a host of additional benefits.

Please Note: Facilitators of the training course will need to qualify in the course that they wish to train, they will also need a certain number of years’ experience in a training and/or Business Analysis environment. Therefore, we will require that your proposed facilitator provides their Curriculum Vitae. In addition all trainers must hold the corresponding IQBBA certififcate to train students.

Benefits to your students

Business roles and responsibilities are continuously evolving. Business Analysts are highly sought-after as quality becomes a competitive advantage and value add to the end user or customer. To achieve quality, modern software testers, manufacturers, sales staff, marketing staff, and executives must have a clear understanding of product requirements and goals even before any plans are developed. Many consulting companies now certify their quality experts using internationally recognized standards like IQBBA®. Business Analysis skills enhance career prospects and enable professionals to contribute to quality assurance efforts effectively.

Providing your students with an IQBBA® Business Analysis broadens their horizons and gives them a competitive edge in the job market.