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Advanced Level course aims to further improve the on the Foundation Level skills.

The Advanced Level is designed to develop more advanced skills in the specific knowledge area of IQBBA® Business Analysis approach – for example, in the scope of Requirements Management.

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» Broad and in-depth knowledge in business analysis
» Internationally recognised
» Prerequisites: CFLBA

What are the learning objectives for the CALBA?

This syllabus covers three modules of the IQBBA advanced level: 
  • Strategic Analysis and Optimization
  • Business Analysis Management 
  • Requirements Engineering and Management 
These modules cover different knowledge areas dedicated to individuals working in different roles and focusing on different perspectives of the Business Analysis area. 
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Strategic Analysis and Optimization module covers processes, tools and techniques required to establish business needs and goals of an organisation, understand the current and desired way of satisfying these needs, identify the change needed and prepare solution options, together with business cases and risk analysis. This module also includes solution evaluation and optimisation. 
The Business Analysis Management module is concerned with approaches and techniques required to successfully perform Business Analysis activities in a given environment. 
The Requirements Engineering and Management module covers processes for requirements elicitation, analysis and negotiation, modelling and specification, as well as activities aiming to build a framework for Requirements Engineering: information architecture, traceability, configuration management and quality assurance.
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Who is the CALBA for?

The Advanced Level Business Analysis course is only available to students who have already completed the Foundation Level course and is currently the premier IQBBA® qualification.

Its modules aim to enhance and refine the skills acquired at the Foundation Level for those who intend to further hone their skills and get closer to Expert Level. This level is specifically designed to cultivate advanced expertise in specific knowledge areas of the IQBBA® Business Analysis approach, such as Requirements Management, Business Analysis Process Management, Strategic Analysis, among others.

Course Overview

The Advanced Level comprises specific modules that delve into the following knowledge areas:

Business Analysis Process Management:

This module provides in-depth knowledge of generic Business Analysis processes. It explores process management, including context analysis, process performance management, and people management. Additionally, it introduces new tools, methods, and techniques to support this knowledge area.

Strategic Analysis and Optimization:

This module provides advanced and practical knowledge on Strategy Definition, Solution Evaluation, and Optimization.

Participants learn how to drive organizational success and enhance business value through the methodologies and resources offered by IQBBA®.

Requirements Management:

This module focuses on the context and specific activities of Requirements Management (RM).

It covers the establishment of processes for Requirements Development and the creation of a framework for RM, encompassing information architecture and traceability, configuration and change management, conflict management, Quality Assurance, and requirements communication.

Furthermore, it addresses process performance assessment and areas for process improvement.

The module equips participants with additional tools, methods, and techniques to support this knowledge area.

CALBA Outcomes

By successfully completing the Advanced Level certification, you should have a highly-developed understanding of Business Analysis, and be equipped with the skills necessary to tackle more advanced and complex challenges at much higher level within any field, industry or role.


The prerequisites is the A4Q IQBBA CFLBA.

The exam for the A4Q IQBBA CALBA is available at:

If you have any further questions regarding the A4Q IQBBA CALBA, please feel free to contact us.


If you have any further questions regarding the A4Q IQBBA CFLBA course, please feel free to contact us.


Minutes per exam


Extra time for non-native speakers.


Score is required to pass the exam.

CALBA Downloads

The IQBBA Advanced Level Syllabus in ENGLISH is available for download here

The IQBBA Advanced Level Syllabus in GERMAN is available for download here